Joint Venture Funding

Aberclay structure allows equity to be spread across multiple schemes providing higher return on capital employed


  • Lending provided on a peak cash flow basis to reduce total facility requirement and avoid unnecessarily high levels of equity and fees.
  • Appraisal of schemes focuses on phasing of developments, greatly reducing the equity required from the developer.
  • Aberclay return aligned to development profit¬†so fully committed to the overall and ultimate success of the project.
  • Aberclay hold a first charge security for their loan.
  • Minimum Gross Development Value (GDV) of ¬£3M required.
  • Proven track record in house building required from the developer.

Our Process

Aberclay loans are quick to secure and tailored to the individual circumstances of the developer.

  1. Quick analysis of developer’s initial appraisal, planning permission/application and plans.
  2. Site visit to assess the suitability of the location and the scheme.
  3. Due diligence of construction proposal and local residential property market.
  4. Funding package proposal prepared with full financial appraisal and cash flow for the scheme.
  5. Warranted build cost, build programme and sales programme agreed.
  6. Joint Venture Contract agreed between developer and Aberclay.
  7. Funds released.

Are you a developer looking for finance?

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